Let our Team of Professionals and Consultants help in creating your next event. Our Team has over 60-years combined experience to make this a seamless process and deliver a successful event.

RFP Submittal…Putting together a good RFP holds the key for Event Producers to reach their targeted host cities. An RFP needs to look professional, detailed and above all make sure all your needs are covered.

Site Evaluation… Selecting and negotiating with Venue owners is extremely important to make sure everything is covered in your contract especially if you are planning on multi-years at the same venue.

Establishing Partnerships… Working with your local Sports Commissions/CVB’s is critical when looking at a new Venue location. You need to establish these partnerships early on to make sure the area you have chosen meets all the criteria for hosting your event.

Grant Monies… Every area has funding available to assist you. It may come from the State, County, or the local Sports Commission/CVB to help offset the costs of the event. We can assist you with the Grant Application process so you maximize the total monies you are eligible for based on the size of your event.

Removing the Pressures… We know what not to forget; remember to include; who to talk to; and what to say!  Our years of experience are truly invaluable for delivering your successful event!

Venue Listing Services